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Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
General Information
Birth Name Salma Hayek Jimenez
Gender Female

Birth Place Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico
Birth Date September 2, 1966
Occupation Actress, Director, Producer
Years Active 1988 to Producer





  • "Life is tough; and if you have the ability to laugh at it, you have the ability to enjoy it."
  • "What is important is to believe in something so strongly that you're never discouraged."
  • "My heart has been stolen too―but I've gone and got it back every single time!"
  • "You can be a thousand different women. It's your choice which one you want to be. It's about freedom and sovereignty. You celebrate who you are. You say, 'This is my kingdom'."
  • "Producing is hell, writing is frustrating, acting is really satisfying, directing is heaven."

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