Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester super
General Information

Gender Male
Aliases Moose, Sammy, Samuel Winchester
Birthday May 2, 1983
Race Human
TV Show Supernatural
Credit Jared Padalecki



Sam is son of the John Winchester & Mary Winchester and the brother of Dean Winchester. He is a law student at Stanford.

Major Plots

Season 8

After sustaining visceral damage from almost completing the trials to shut down hell, Sam struggles to stand up. Dean helps his brother walk. He and Dean watches the angels falling from the sky.

Season 9

In the hospital, Sam slips into a coma and watches as his memories flash. Outside, Dean tries to keep Sam alive and reluctantly accepts help from an angel called Ezekiel. Inside Sam's mind, Sam meets Death, and he asks Death to make sure he doesn't come back alive. Then, Ezekiel who poses as Dean convinces Sam to come back. Taking his words as his consent, Ezekiel takes over Sam's vessel.

Personality and Traits