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Saturday the 14th
Saturday the 14th
Directed By Howard R. Cohen
Written By Howard R. Cohen, Jeff Begun
Cast Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, Jeffrey Tambor
Produced By Julie Corman
Film Editing By Kent Beyda, Joanne D'Antonio
Cinematography By Daniel Lacambre
Music By Parmer Fuller

New World Pictures


United States



Release Date

August 14, 1981


75 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

New World Pictures, Embassy Home Entertainment, CBS, New Concorde Home Entertainment

Budget $4,000,000



  • Richard Benjamin as John
  • Paula Prentiss as Mary
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Waldemar
  • Severn Darden as Van Helsing
  • Kari Michaelsen as Debbie
  • Rosemary DeCamp as Aunt Lucille
  • Kevin Brando as Billy
  • Nancy Lee Andrews as Yolanda
  • Carole Androsky as Marge
  • Roberta Collins as Cousin Rhonda
  • Annie O'Donnell as Annette Muldowney
  • Thomas Newman as Cousin Phil
  • Allen Joseph as Uncle Bert
  • Michael Miller as Ernie Muldowney
  • Elizabeth Charlton Davey as French Maid



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