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Savior of the Soul
Saviour of the Soul
Directed By Corey Yuen, Jeffrey Lau, David Lai
Written By Wong Kar-wai, Jeffrey Lau
Cast Andy Lau, Anita Mui, Gloria Yip, Aaron Kwok, Carina Lau
Produced By David Lai, Jessica Chan
Film Editing By Poon Hung, Hai Kit-wai
Cinematography By Peter Pau, Lee Tak-wai, Simon Li
Music By Anthony Lun, Tang Siu-lam

Teamwork Motion Pictures


Hong Kong



Release Date

December 19, 1991


98 Minutes

Distributed By

Newport Entertainment



  • Andy Lau as Ching
  • Anita Mui as Yiu May-kwan
  • Aaron Kwok as Silver Fox
  • Gloria Yip as Wai-heung
  • Kenny Bee as Siu-chuen
  • Carina Lau as Madam of Pets
  • Corey Yuen as Master
  • Danny Poon as Mr Ford
  • Henry Fong as Old Eagle
  • Maggie Chan
  • Yip San
  • Joanna Chan
  • Matthew Wong



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