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The Scarlet Blade
The Scarlet Blade
Directed By John Gilling
Written By John Gilling
Cast Jack Hedley, June Thorburn, Lionel Jeffries, Oliver Reed
Produced By Anthony Nelson Keys
Film Editing By John Dunsford
Cinematography By Jack Asher
Music By Gary Hughes

Hammer Films


United Kingdom



Release Date

September 1963


83 Minutes

Distributed By




  • Lionel Jeffries as Colonel Judd
  • Oliver Reed as Captain Tom Sylvester
  • Jack Hedley as Edward Beverley
  • June Thorburn as Claire Judd
  • Michael Ripper as Pablo
  • Harold Goldblatt as Jacob
  • Duncan Lamont as Major Bell
  • Clifford Elkin as Philip Beverley
  • Suzan Farmer as Constance Beverley
  • John Harvey as Sergeant Grey
  • Charles Houston as Drury
  • Michael Byrne as Lt. Hawke
  • Eric Corrie as Duncannon
  • Leslie Glazer as Gonzales
  • Robert Rietty as King Charles I
  • John Stuart as Beverley
  • Harry Towb as Cobb
  • John H. Watson as Fitzroy
  • John Woodnutt as Lt. Wyatt



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