Scary Movie 3
Scary Movie 3
Directed By David Zucker
Written By Craig Mazin, Pat Proft
Cast Anna Faris, Leslie Nielsen, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart
Produced By David Zucker, Robert K. Weiss
Film Editing By Jon Poll
Cinematography By James L. Venable

Brad Grey Pictures


United States, Canada



Release Date

October 24, 2003


85 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Dimension Films

Budget $48,000,000
Gross $220,673,217



  • Anna Faris as Cindy Campbell
  • Simon Rex as George Logan
  • Regina Hall as Brenda Meeks
  • Charlie Sheen as Tom Logan
  • Leslie Nielsen as President Baxter Harris
  • Queen Latifah as Aunt Shaneequa
  • Anthony Anderson as Mahalik
  • Kevin Hart as CJ
  • Camryn Manheim as Trooper Champlin
  • George Carlin as The Architect
  • Eddie Griffin as Orpheus
  • Pamela Anderson as Becka Kotler
  • Jenny McCarthy as Kathy Embry
  • Drew Mikuska as Cody
  • Denise Richards as Annie Logan
  • D.L. Hughley as John Wilson
  • Ja Rule as Agent Thompson
  • Darrell Hammond as Father Muldoon
  • Jeremy Piven as Ross Giggins
  • Marny Eng as Tabitha
  • Edward Moss as MJ Alien
  • Simon Cowell as Himself
  • Ajay Naidu as Sayaman
  • Tom Kenny as Aliens (voice)
  • Jianna Ballard as Sue Logan



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