Season of the Witch
Season of the Witch
Directed By Dominic Sena, Brett Ratner
Written By Bragi F. Schut
Cast Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, Stephen Graham
Produced By Alex Gartner, Charles Roven
Film Editing By Dan Zimmerman, Mark Helfrich
Cinematography By Amir Mokri
Music By Atli Orvarsson

Atlas Entertainment


United States



Release Date

January 7, 2011


98 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Relativity Media, Rogue

Budget $40,000,000
Gross $91,600,000



  • Nicolas Cage as Behmen von Bleibruck
  • Ron Perlman as Felson
  • Claire Foy as Anna
  • Stephen Campbell Moore as Debelzeq
  • Robert Sheehan as Kay von Wollenbarth
  • Ulrich Thomsen as Johann Eckhardt
  • Stephen Graham as Hagamar
  • Christopher Lee as Cardinal D'Ambroise
  • Simone Kirby as Midwife in Villach
  • Nick Sidi as Priest in Villach
  • Brian F. O'Byrne as Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights
  • Rebekah Kennedy as Peasant Turk Girl
  • Fernanda Dorogi as Old Woman
  • Elen Rhys as Peasant Girl
  • Rory McCann as Soldier Commander
  • Nicola Sloane as Spinster
  • Ada Michelle Loridans as Mila
  • Lisa Marie Dupree as Tavern Girl



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