Sex Drive
Sex Drive
Directed By Sean Anders
Screenplay By Sean Anders, John Morris
Cast Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, Amanda Crew, Seth Green
Produced By Michael Nelson, John Morris, Leslie Morgenstein, Bob Levy
Film Editing By George Folsey Jr.
Cinematography By Tim Orr
Music By Stephen Trask

Alloy Entertainment


United States



Release Date

October 17, 2008


109 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Summit Entertainment

Budget $19,000,000
Gross $18,755,936



  • Josh Zuckerman as Ian Lafferty
  • Amanda Crew as Felicia Alpine
  • Clark Duke as Lance Johnson
  • Seth Green as Ezekiel
  • James Marsden as Rex Lafferty
  • Katrina Bowden as Ms. Tasty
  • Alice Greczyn as Mary
  • Michael Cudlitz as Rick
  • David Koechner as The Hitchhiker
  • Dave Sheridan as Bobby Jo
  • Mark L. Young as Randy
  • Charlie McDermott as Andy
  • Cole Petersen as Dylan Lafferty
  • Allison Weissman as Becca
  • Andrea Anders as Brandy
  • Jose Duarte as Brandy's Father
  • Kim Ostrenko as Ian's Stepmother
  • Brett Rice as Mr. Lafferty
  • Susie Abromeit as Tiffany
  • Brian Posehn as Carny
  • John Ross Bowie as Dr. Teddescoe
  • Sasha Ramos as Kimberly
  • Jessica Just as Lindsay
  • Caley Hayes as Sandy
  • Fall Out Boy as Themselves
  • Kyle Gass as Trucker
  • Janie Michele Simms as Drunk Amish Girl
  • Shay Roman as Pregnant Kristy
  • John Ross Bowie as Dr. Clark Teddescoe
  • Susie Abromeit as Cousin Tiffany
  • Victoria Mallow as Aunt Carol
  • Ken Clement as Senor Donut Manager
  • Cleo King as Abstinence Host
  • Sasha Ramos as Kimberly
  • Massiel Perdomo as Undressed Abstinence Dancer
  • Natalia Reagan as Pregnant Woman Prisoner
  • Amanda Tae Alvarez as Abstinence Dancer
  • Jennifer Murdock as Abstinence Dancer
  • Maddy Wooten as Abstinence Dancer
  • Karelix Alicea as Abstinence Dancer
  • Tonisha Agard as Abstinence Dancer
  • Paula Dos Santos as Abstinence Dancer
  • Bice Grobstein as Abstinence Dancer
  • Stephanie Lee as Abstinence Dancer
  • Kristin Liu as Abstinence Dancer
  • Lianna Patrice Beckno as Abstinence Dancer



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