Sex Pot
Sex Pot 2009
Directed By Eric Forsberg
Written By Eric Forsberg
Cast Seth Cassell, Rollin Perry, Lindsey Ahern, Rana Davis
Produced By David Rimawi
Film Editing By Mary Ann Skweres, Marq Morrison
Cinematography By David McGrory
Music By Robert Bayless

United States



Release Date

August 18, 2009


96 Minutes

Distributed By

The Asylum



  • Rollin Perry as Josh 'Spanky' Green
  • Seth Cassell as Mert
  • Michelle Penick as Princess
  • Rana Davis as Strawberry
  • Lindsey Ahern as Pinky
  • Maurice Constable as Mr. Clink
  • Teryl Brouillette as Ellen Green
  • Lola Forsberg as Leah
  • Deirdre Lyons as Officer Bendover
  • Christine Nguyen as Cindy
  • Jasna Novosel as June
  • Jackie Nico as Linda
  • Sarah Agor as Julie
  • Sarah Bennett as Amanda
  • Brent Anthony as Little Joe Joe
  • Deanne Destler as Maureen
  • Denise Gossett as Mrs. Green
  • Chad Nell as Mr. Green



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