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Shadow of the Cat
Shadow of the Cat
Directed By John Gilling
Written By George Baxt
Cast Andre Morell, Freda Jackson, Barbara Shelley, William Lucas, Vanda Godsell
Produced By Jon Penington
Film Editing By James Needs, John Pomeroy
Cinematography By Arthur Grant
Music By Mikis Theodorakis

Hammer Film Productions


United Kingdom



Release Date

June 7, 1961


79 Minutes

Distributed By

Universal Pictures, J. Arthur Rank Film Distributors



  • Andre Morell as Walter Venable
  • Barbara Shelley as Beth Venable
  • William Lucas as Jacob Venable
  • Freda Jackson as Clara
  • Conrad Phillips as Michael Latimer
  • Richard Warner as Edgar Venable
  • Vanda Godsell as Louise Venable
  • Alan Wheatley as Inspector Rowles
  • Andrew Crawford as Andrew
  • Kynaston Reeves as The Grandfather
  • Catherine Lacey as Ella Venable
  • Henry Kendall as The Doctor



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