Shane Walsh
Shane Walsh
General Information

Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show The Walking Dead
Credit Jon Bernthal



Major Plots

Season 1


Shane and Rick had a shootout with three men. One of the men shot Rick. Afterwards, Shane had to break the sad news to Lori who told her son Carl. During the invasion of Walkers, Shane could not save Rick who is in a coma. He barricaded the door and left the hospital. He told Lori that her husband was dead. He protects Lori and Carl with the rest of the Atlanta survivors outside of the city.


During his time in the camp, he pursues a relationship with Lori and take cares of Carl like his son.Shane is surprised when Rick appears at the camp. With Rick there, Lori distances herself from Shane. A few nights later, the camp is attacked by walkers and a few of the survivors are killed. Since their camp is compromised, Shane and the others move to Atlanta to find the CDC in order to seek shelter. At the CDC, a man named Dr. Jenner lets them in the building. For a moment, they are given safe haven. Shane continues to push Lori to accept their relationship, but she continues to distance herself away. Their safe haven does not last long. Jenner tells the group that the CDC will self destruct when the power runs out. The group evacuates the building before that happens and head back on the road.

Season 2

The group find themselves stuck on a highway. When a herd of walkers passes by, Sophia is chased into the woods by two walkers. After, the herd passes the group, Rick organizes a search for Sophia. During the search, Carl is shot by a hunter named Otis. The hunter leads Rick and Shane to a farm owned by Hershel Greene, a veterinarian who can help Carl. Hershel asks Otis to get a respirator so Hershel could remove all the bullet fragments. Feeling that it was his fault, Otis volunteers to go to the military camp at the high school to find some. Shane tags along to help Otis. At the high school, they sneak past a group of walkers and find the medicine. Then Shane injures his leg, slowing down the two. To make things worse, they are chased by a group of walkers. Shane shoots Otis and escapes while the walkers devour Otis.

Shane takes the medicine back to the farm. Hershel performs surgery on Carl and Carl makes a recovery. While Carl is recovering the group resumes searching for Sophia. The group soon learns from Glenn that the Greene family is housing walkers in the barn. Furious, Shane gathers a couple members of the group and takes them to the front of the barn. He then opens the barn. Having no choice, the group shoots the walkers. The last walker to die is Sophia.

After the barn incident, Shane begins to question Rick's leadership. When Rick brings back a boy named Randall after a trip to the town, Shane suggests executing him before he leaks the location of the farm to his group. When Rick does not execute Randall, Shane takes things into his own hands. He takes the boy into the forest and kills him. Then he tells the group that the boy had escaped. Rick organizes a search party into the woods. Leading Rick away from the others, Shane plan to murder Rick. Rick figures out Shane's goal and they are at a stand off outside the forest. Rick tries to talk Shane out of murder. Then at the last second, Rick stabs Shane. Shane dies and returns as a walker. His corpse is then shot by Carl, saving his father from a bite.

Personality and Traits


Differences from Source Material

  • During the early days of the outbreak, Shane believes that the government would return to save the survivors and to stop the outbreak.
  • Shane is killed by Carl in the comics while his reanimated form is killed by Rick. In the TV series, the roles are reversed with Rick killing Shane and Carl killing Shane's reanimated form.
  • Allowing Shane to live was a conscious decision by Robert Kirkman who wanted to explore Shane's character further and what would happen if he were allowed to live.
  • Shane is more prone to bursts of anger in the comics.


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