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Shaolin Soccer
Shaolin Soccer
Directed By Stephen Chow
Written By Tsang Kan-Cheung, Stephen Chow
Cast Stephen Chow, Vicky Zhao, Patrick Tse, Ng Man-tat
Produced By Yeung Kwok-Fai
Film Editing By Kai Kit-Wai
Cinematography By Kwen Pak-Huen, Kwong Ting-Wo
Music By Raymond Wong, Lowell Lo

Universe Entertainment Ltd, Star Overseas Ltd


Hong Kong



Release Date

July 12, 2001


112 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Universe Entertainment Ltd.

Budget $10,000,000
Gross $42,776,760



  • Stephen Chow as Mighty Steel Leg Sing
  • Wei Zhao as Mui
  • Man Tat Ng as Golden Leg Fung
  • Yin Tse as Team Evil Coach Hung
  • Karen Mok as Team Dragon Player #11
  • Vincent Kok as Team Puma Leader
  • Hui Li as Banana Peel Girl
  • Yat-fei Wong as Iron Head
  • Kai Man Tin as Iron Shirt
  • Chi Chung Lam as Light Weight Vest
  • Kwok-Kwan Chan as Lightning Hands
  • Mei Lin Mo as Hooking Leg
  • Ming Ming Zhang as Little Hung
  • Pu Ye Dong as Little Fung
  • Shi Zi Yun as Team Evil Center
  • Hua Cao as Team Evil Goalie
  • Kin-Yan Lee as Manny
  • Bai Ling as Mui (voice)
  • Tom Romero as Iron Head (voice)
  • Brian Tochi as Mighty Steel Leg Sing (voice)
  • Nicholas Tse as Young Hung



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