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Shooter 2007
Directed By Antoine Fuqua
Screenplay By Jonathan Lemkin
Cast Mark Wahlberg, Danny Glover, Michael Pena, Kate Mara
Produced By Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Film Editing By Conrad Buff, Eric Sears
Cinematography By Peter Menzies Jr.
Music By Mark Mancina

di Bonaventura Pictures


United States



Release Date

March 23, 2007


125 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Paramount Pictures

Budget $61,000,000
Gross $95,696,996
Based on Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter



  • Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger
  • Lane Garrison as Donnie Fenn
  • Michael Pena as Nick Memphis
  • Danny Glover as Isaac Johnson
  • Kate Mara as Sarah Fenn
  • Elias Koteas as Jack Payne
  • Rhona Mitra as Alourdes Galindo
  • Jonathan Walker as Brent Dobbler
  • Justin Louis as Howard Purnell
  • Tate Donovan as Russ Turner
  • Rade Serbedzija as Michailo Sczerbiak
  • Ned Beatty as Charles F. Meachum
  • Alan C. Peterson as Stan Timmons
  • Brian Markinson as Attorney General Russert
  • Levon Helm as Mr. Rate
  • Mike Dopud as Lead Mercenary
  • Dean McKenzie as Archbishop



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