Sidekicks 1992
Directed By Aaron Norris
Written By Galen Thompson, Lou Illar
Cast Jonathan Brandis, Mako, Joe Piscopo, Chuck Norris, Beau Bridges, Danica McKellar
Produced By Don Carmody
Film Editing By David Rawlins, Bernard Weiser
Cinematography By Joao Fernandes
Music By Alan Silvestri

Vision PDG, Gallery Films


United States



Release Date

April 9, 1993


101 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Triumph Films, Alliance Films


Asthmatic Barry Gabrewski can't stand reality. With his poor health; he can't play sports, he's picked on by the local bullies, and the girl he has a crush on views him with pity. So Barry retreats in his fantasies and dreams. In particular with his greatest hero; martial artist and movie star Chuck Norris in which he is the hero's sidekick. Together, they engage in marital arts mayhem and are an unbeatable duo.

Then his favorite teacher, Ms. Chan introduces him to her uncle, Mr. Lee who takes Barry under his wing and begins teaching him marital arts to defend himself from bullies. But when Barry is strong enough to stand up for himself against the school's biggest bully; Randy Cellini he finds himself unexpectedly challenged to take part in the state karate championship.

However they unexpectedly run into a snag when they discover that this tournament is a "team" competition and they need a fourth member. As luck would have it, Chuck Norris is making a publicity appearance and agrees to participate, turning Barry's fantasies in reality as they become an unbeatable team...


  • Jonathan Brandis as Barry Gabrewski
  • Chuck Norris as Himself
  • Beau Bridges as Jerry Gabrewski
  • Mako as Mr. Lee
  • Joe Piscopo as Kelly Stone
  • Danica McKellar as Lauren
  • Richard Moll as Coach Horn
  • John Buchanan as Randy Cellini
  • Julia Nickson-Soul as Ms. Noreen Chan



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