Signs 2002
Directed By M. Night Shyamalan
Written By M. Night Shyamalan
Cast Mel Gibson, Abigail Breslin, Joaquin Phoenix, Rory Culkin
Produced By M. Night Shyamalan, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy, Sam Mercer
Film Editing By Barbara Tulliver
Cinematography By Tak Fujimoto
Music By James Newton Howard

Touchstone Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company, Blinding Edge Pictures


United States



Release Date

August 2, 2002


107 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Buena Vista Pictures

Budget $72,000,000
Gross $408,247,917


The Hess family have suffered tragedy in their past. After living next door to a crop field, Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) seems to realize that strange things are happening to his crops. The family begin to realize this when his two young children Bo and Morgan (Abigail Breslin and Rory Culkin) awaken him and their uncle Merrill (Joaquin Phoenix) when they notice their crops flattened in the shape of circles. They confide in the police confused about the matter but it begins to come clear when they begin to see UFO lights showing on the news around the world making it obvious as to what caused his crop problems. When it comes clear that the aliens are going to try to invade the world, they have to work together and make tough decisions to look after each other and keep each other protected, safe from danger. They stay inside their family home, boarding up doors and windows hoping that this will keep the aliens away. However throughout the night, they fight the aliens off by hiding and stacking furniture up in front of doors finally hiding in their basement. Graham's son, Morgan is attacked by an alien that was using a coal shoot causing Morgan to have an asthma attack. Unluckily, they have left his medicine upstairs in the house which is the reason why they have to go up there in the morning and when they do there appears to be no aliens apart from a trashed house. However an alien from a previous scene, has come back for revenge on Graham, putting Morgan at risk.