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Silver Hawk
Silver Hawk 2004
The Law Has Limits. She Doesn't.
Directed By Jingle Ma
Written By Susan Chan, Jingle Ma
Cast Michelle Yeoh, Bingbing Li, Brandon Chang, Luke Goss
Produced By Thomas Chung, Michelle Yeoh
Film Editing By Kwong Chi Leung
Cinematography By Chan Chi Ying, Jingle Ma
Music By Peter Kam Pau-Tat

Tianjin Film Studio, Media Asia Films, Han Entertainment, Mythical Films


Hong Kong


English, Cantonese

Release Date

January 15, 2004


99 Minutes

Rating PG-13
Distributed By

Media Asia Distribution, Mega Star Video Distribution, Screen Media Films



  • Michelle Yeoh as The Silver Hawk
  • Richie Ren as Rich Man
  • Luke Goss as Alexander Wolfe
  • Bingbing Li as Jane
  • Michael Jai White as Morris
  • Brandon Chang as Kit
  • Daming Chen as Professor Ho Chung
  • Koichi Iwaki as Akira Shiraishi
  • Wu Sai Kit as Young Lulu
  • Lisa S. as Lisa Hayashi
  • Misato Tachibana as Tina Shiraishi




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