Sleep with Me
Sleep with Me
Directed By Rory Kelly
Written By Duane Dell'Amico, Roger Hedden, Neal Jimenez, Joe Keenan, Rory Kelly, Michael Steinberg
Cast Craig Sheffer, Eric Stoltz, Meg Tilly, Parker Posey, Todd Field
Produced By Roger Hedden
Film Editing By David Moritz
Cinematography By Andrzej Sekula
Music By David Nessim Lawrence

United States



Release Date

September 23, 1994


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

United Artists



  • Meg Tilly as Sarah
  • Eric Stoltz as Joseph
  • Craig Sheffer as Frank
  • Lewis Arquette as Minister
  • Todd Field as Duane
  • Susan Traylor as Deborah
  • Tegan West as Rory
  • Dean Cameron as Leo
  • Amaryllis Borrego as Amy
  • Thomas Gibson as Nigel
  • Parker Posey as Athena
  • Joey Lauren Adams as Lauren
  • Alida P. Field as Gina
  • Vanessa Angel as Marianne
  • June Lockhart as Caroline
  • Quentin Tarantino as Sid



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