The Slumber Party Massacre
The Slumber Party Massacre
Directed By Amy Holden Jones
Written By Rita Mae Brown
Cast Michele Michaels, Robin Stille, Andree Honore
Produced By Amy Holden Jones
Film Editing By Wendy Greene Bricmont, Sean Foley
Cinematography By Stephen L. Posey
Music By Ralph Jones

United States



Release Date

November 12, 1982


77 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New World Pictures

Budget $250,000



  • Michelle Michaels as Trish Devereaux
  • Robin Stille as Valerie 'Val' Bates
  • Michael Villella as Russ Thorn
  • Debra Deliso as Kimberly 'Kim' Clarke
  • Andree Honore as Jackie
  • Gina Smika as Diane
  • Jennifer Meyers as Courtney Bates
  • Joseph Alan Johnson as Neil
  • David Millbern as Jeff
  • Jim Boyce as John Minor
  • Pamela Roylance as Coach Rachel Jana
  • Brinke Stevens as Linda
  • Rigg Kennedy as Mr. David Contant
  • Jean Vargas as Mary
  • Anna Patton as Mrs. Devereaux
  • Howard Purgason as Mr. Devereaux



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