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So Close
So Close
Directed By Corey Yuen
Written By Jeffrey Lau
Cast Shu Qi, Karen Mok, Zhao Wei, Josephine Lam, Josie Ho
Produced By Chui Bo-chu
Film Editing By Cheung Ka-fai
Cinematography By Venus Keung, Chan Chi-ying
Music By Sam Kao, Kenjo Tan

Eastern Film Production, Columbia Pictures


Hong Kong



Release Date

September 6, 2002


110 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics



  • Shu Qi as Lynn
  • Zhao Wei as Sue
  • Karen Mok as Kong Yat-hung
  • Song Seung-heon as Yen
  • Michael Wai as Ma Siu-ma
  • Kurata Yasuaki as Master
  • Deric Wan as Chow Nung
  • Shek Sau as Chow Lui
  • Josephine Lam as Alice Chow
  • Ben Lam as Ben
  • Ricardo Mamood as Peter
  • May Kwong as May
  • Tats Lau as Ghost King
  • Josie Ho as Ching
  • Lam Seung-mo as Lai Kai-joe
  • Huang Kaisen as Wong Fat-chi
  • Keung Hak-shing as Lee Hong-fai




So Close (2002) (Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, Karen Mok) HQ DVD trailer01:24

So Close (2002) (Shu Qi, Zhao Wei, Karen Mok) HQ DVD trailer

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