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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Something Wicked This Way Comes
What would you give a man who could make your deepest dreams come true?
Directed By Jack Clayton
Written By Ray Bradbury, John Mortimer
Cast Jason Robards, Diane Ladd, Jonathan Pryce, Pam Grier
Produced By Peter Douglas
Film Editing By Barry Mark Gordon, Art J. Nelson
Cinematography By Stephen H. Burum
Music By James Horner

Walt Disney Productions, Bryna Productions





Release Date

April 29, 1983


95 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Buena Vista Distribution



  • Jason Robards as Charles Halloway
  • Jonathan Pryce as Mr. Dark
  • Vidal Peterson as Will Halloway
  • Shawn Carson as Jim Nightshade
  • Ellen Geer as Mrs. Halloway
  • Diane Ladd as Mrs. Nightshade
  • Royal Dano as Tom Fury
  • Pam Grier as the Dust Witch
  • Mary Grace Canfield as Miss Foley
  • Bruce M. Fischer as Mr. Cooger
  • Arthur Hill as The Narrator



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