Space Sentinels
Space Sentinels1Cover
General Information

Principal Cast George DiCenzo, Evan C. Kim, Dee Timberlake, Lou Scheimer
Network NBC
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episodes 13
Start Date 10 Sep 1977
End Date 3 Dec 1977
Country USA
Language English


This short lived 70s superhero cartoon focused on a racially diverse group of heroes assigned to protect Earth.

Notable Characters

Our three heroes can all fly but also have individual abilities that set them apart.

Space Sentinels - Astrea

Astrea - Able to change into any shape at will.

Space Sentinels - Hercules

Hercules - Gifted with superhuman strength.

Space Sentinels - Mercury

Mercury - Super fast, can "match the speed of light".

Space Sentinels - Sentinel One

Sentinel One - The Ship's computer.

Space Sentinels - Mo

Mo (Maintenance Operator) - A droid that maintains the ship that they live on and also looks after the ship's computer Sentinel One.

Episode Guide

Season 1

# Placeholder Episode Title Air Date
1.01 150px Morpheus: the Sinister Sentinel

10 Sep 1977
1.02 150px Space Giants

17 Sep 1977
1.03 150px The Time Traveler

24 Sep 1977
1.04 150px The Sorceress

1 Oct 1977
1.05 150px The Return of Anubis

8 Oct 1977
1.06 150px The Wizard of Od

15 Oct 1977
1.07 150px The Prime Sentinel

22 Oct 1977
1.08 150px Commander Nemo

29 Oct 1977
1.09 150px Voyage to the Inner World

5 Nov 1977
1.10 150px Loki

12 Nov 1977
1.11 150px Fauna

19 Nov 1977
1.12 150px The Jupiter Spore

26 Nov 1977
1.13 150px The World Ship

3 Dec 1977

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Space Sentinels Intro01:02

Space Sentinels Intro

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