The Specials
The Specials 2000
Before They Could Save the World, They Had to Save Themselves.

They're Not Incredible, They're Just Special.
Not as good as regular superheroes, but slightly better than you.
It doesn't take much to save the world.
Not as good as other superheroes, but definitely better than you.

Directed By Craig Mazin
Written By James Gunn
Cast Thomas Haden Church, Rob Lowe, Jamie Kennedy
Produced By Mark A. Altman
Film Editing By Jeremy Kasten
Cinematography By Eliot Rocket
Music By Brian Langsford

Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Mindfire Entertainment


United States



Release Date

September 22, 2000


82 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Regent Entertainment, Fluid Entertainment, Anchor Bay

Budget $1,000,000



  • Thomas Haden Church as The Strobe
  • Paget Brewster as Ms. Indestructible
  • James Gunn as Minute Man
  • Rob Lowe as The Weevil
  • Kelly Coffield as Power Chick
  • Sean Gunn as Alien Orphan
  • Judy Greer as Deadly Girl
  • Jim Zulevic as Mr. Smart
  • Jordan Ladd as Nightbird
  • Jamie Kennedy as Amok
  • Barry Del Sherman as Zip Boy
  • Mike Schwartz as U.S. Bill
  • Taryn Manning as Autograph Hound
  • Jenna Fischer as College Girl
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Sunlight Grrrll
  • Michael Weatherly as Verdict
  • Judith Drake as Verdict's Secretary
  • John Doe as Eight
  • Abdul Salaam El Razzac as Eight
  • Lauren Cohn as Eight
  • Tom Dorfmeister as Eight
  • Chuti Tiu as Eight
  • Johann Stauf as Eight
  • Brian Gunn as Eight
  • Samantha Cannon as Eight




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