Splash 1984
Directed By Ron Howard
Screenplay By Babaloo Mandel, Lowell Ganz, Bruce Jay Friedman
Cast Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, John Candy, Eugene Levy
Produced By Brian Grazer
Film Editing By Daniel P. Hanley, Mike Hill
Cinematography By Donald Peterman
Music By Lee Holdridge

Touchstone Films


United States



Release Date

March 9, 1984


111 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Buena Vista Distribution

Budget $8,000,000
Gross $69,821,334



  • Tom Hanks as Allen Bauer
  • Daryl Hannah as Madison
  • John Candy as Freddie Bauer
  • Eugene Levy as Dr. Walter Kornbluth
  • Dody Goodman as Mrs. Stimler
  • Richard B. Shull as Dr. Ross
  • Shecky Greene as Mr. Buyrite
  • Bobby Di Cicco as Jerry
  • Howard Morris as Dr. Zidell
  • Patrick Cronin as Michaelson
  • Jeff Doucette as Junior
  • Royce D. Applegate as Buckwalter
  • Tony Longo as Augie
  • Nora Denney as Mrs. Stein
  • Joe Grifasi as Manny
  • Rance Howard as McCullough
  • Lowell Ganz as Stan
  • Babaloo Mandel as Rudy
  • Clint Howard as Wedding Guest
  • Lee Delano as Sergeant Leleandowski
  • Migdia Chinea Varela as Wanda
  • Eileen Saki as Dr. Fujimoto
  • Jodi Long as Reporter
  • Bill Smitrovich as Ralph Bauer
  • David Kreps as Young Allen
  • Shayla MacKarvich as Young Madison



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