Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver
Directed By Ramon Menendez
Written By Ramon Menendez, Tom Musca
Cast Edward James Olmos, Andy Garcia, Lou Diamond Phillips
Produced By Tom Musca
Film Editing By Nancy Richardson
Cinematography By Tom Richmond
Music By Craig Safan

United States



Release Date

March 11, 1988


102 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Gross $13,994,920



  • Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Angel Guzman
  • Rosanna DeSoto as Fabiola Escalante
  • Andy Garcia as Ramirez
  • Estelle Harris as Secretary
  • Virginia Paris as Raquel Ortega
  • Adelaida Alvarez as Sexy Girl
  • Will Gotay as Pancho
  • Patrick Baca as Javier
  • Ingrid Oliu as Lupe
  • Carmen Argenziano as Molina
  • Tyde Kierney as Joe Goodell
  • Bodie Olmos as Fernando Escalante
  • Karla Montana as Claudia Camejo
  • Vanessa Marquez as Ana Delgado
  • Daniel Villarreal as Chuco
  • Michael Yama as Sanzaki
  • Lydia Nicole as Rafaela Fuentes
  • Graham Galloway as Craig



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