Stannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon - GoT
General Information

Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Race Human
TV Show Game of Thrones
Credit Stephen Dillane


Stannis Baratheon is the younger brother of Robert Baratheon and lord of Dragonstone.


Stannis Baratheon is the middle child of the three Baratheon sons of Steffon Baratheon. In season one, Stannis is mentioned, but never shown. His younger brother, Renly, serves on the small council of his older brother, King Robert.

Major Plots

Season 2

After Robert's death, and the betrayal of Ned Stark, Stannis makes his claim for the Iron Throne. Stannis claims that because Joffrey Baratheon is the product of incest between Cersei and Jaime Lannister, he is not a Baratheon and is not the rightful heir to the throne. Renly Baratheon also makes a claim to the Iron Throne, although he is behind Stannis in the line of succession. Renly's claim is based on his perceived popularity among the people. Stannis creates his own sigil and house, House Baratheon of Dragonstone, to distinguish from his brother who is using House Baratheon and Joffrey who is using House Baratheon of King's Landing. In the War of the Five Kings, Stannis seeks advice from Melisandre, a fire priestess who worships the Lord of Light. Stannis confronts his brother, Renly, telling him to renounce his claim to the throne and join his side in battle. Renly refuses and is subsequently killed by a shadow spirit that Melisandre "births." Along with Melisandre is Davos Seaworth, a former smuggler who urges Stannis to ignore the priestess. Stannis takes Renly's remaining troops and targets King's Landing. Stannis' troops greatly outnumber the Lannister troops at King's Landing. In the Battle of Blackwater Bay, Stannis' fleet arrive at King's Landing, but are met with wildfire, a dangerous substance which destroys much of the fleet. Stannis' troops arrive at the gates of King's Landing, but fail to make it past the gate. Most are wiped out by Tywin Lannister's own troops. Stannis flees the battle, defeated.

Season 3

After the battle, Stannis disheartened that he had lost the battle, loses hope. He regains that hope when Melisandre shows him a vision in the fire. Davos returns after being marooned during the battle. His first action when he returns is to accuse Melisandre of having too much control over Stannis. Offended, he sends Davos to the dungeons. Soon, Stannis begins to doubt Melisandre's loyalties when he has a talk with his wife, Selyse. Though he had broke his marriage vows with her, Selyse not only accepts what he had done, but also believes that it was the right thing to do. Later, Melisandre leaves the island and comes back with Gendry, one of King Robert's bastards, so they can sacrifice him. Morally conflicted, Stannis tries to persuade Davos that sacrificing Gendry is not wrong. After a debate, Stannis releases Davos on the condition that he not go against Melisandre again. Melisandre leads Gendry to his quarters where she seduces him. While having sex, she binds him to the bed and applies leeches to him. Stannis and Davos walk into the room to find Melisandre and Gendry. Melisandre instructs Stannis to throw the leeches into the fire while saying the names of his rivals. Stannis does as he is told. When his rival Robb Stark is killed, he becomes convinced in her magic. He then decides to sacrifice Gendry to gain the Iron Throne. Davos is upset with this decision and frees Gendry. Furious, Stannis sentences Davos to death. Suddenly, a letter from the Night's Watch appears. The letters tells all who read it that the White Walkers have become a serious threat once more. Melisandre becomes convinced that the real battle lies in the north. She then convinces Stannis to pardon Davos because they need him to gather troops for the upcoming battle. Stannis agrees and decides to march troops to the north to help the Night's Watch.

Personality and Traits



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