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The Stewardesses
The Stewardesses 1969
Directed By Allan Silliphant
Written By Allan Silliphant
Cast Christina Hart, Monica Gayle, Donna Stanley, Paula Erikson
Produced By Allan Silliphant, Louis K. Sher, Chris J. Condon
Music By James Navas


Release Date

July 25, 1969


93 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Sherpix Inc.

Budget $100,000
Gross $25,000,000



  • Christina Hart as Samantha
  • Ronald South as Colin Winthrop
  • William Condos as Captain Brad Masters
  • Anita de Moulin as Jo Peters
  • Paula Erikson as Tina
  • Kathy Ferrick as Cathy
  • Beth Shields as Cindy
  • Janet Wass as Wendy
  • Patricia Fein as Karen
  • Donna Stanley as Horney Annie
  • Monica Gayle as Ursella



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