The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Directed By John Carl Buechler
Written By John Carl Buechler
Cast Tony Todd, Tracy Scoggins, Vernon Wells, Deborah Shelton, Danielle Nicolet
Produced By Peter Davy, Rick Nicolet
Film Editing By Norman Apstein
Cinematography By James M. LeGoy
Music By Andy Garfield

United States



Release Date

February 1, 2006


100 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Rocky Mountain Pictures

Budget $750,000



  • Tony Todd as Dr. Henry Jekyll
  • Tracy Scoggins as Karen Utterson
  • Vernon Wells as Dr. Dennis Lanyon
  • Rebecca Grant as Linda Santiago
  • Judith Shekoni as Renee
  • Danielle Nicolet as Whitney Weddings
  • Arloa Reston as Gloria Hatten
  • John Paul Fedele as Alan Ballard
  • Paula Ficara as Dominio Hunter
  • Peter Jason as Lt. Hamilton
  • Howard Kahen as Perkins
  • Tyler Kain as Colleen Woodbe
  • Miranda Kwok as Stacy Li
  • Michelle Lee as Kim Li
  • Justin Levin as Jesse
  • Elina Madison as Cindy Shivers
  • Clayton Martinez as Arnold
  • Deborah Shelton as Donna Carew
  • Jacob Tawney as Kelsey James
  • Tim Thomerson as Arnie Swift
  • Nicholle Tom as Carla Hodgkiss
  • Stephen Wastell as Richard Enfield



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