Strippers vs Werewolves
Strippers vs Werewolves
Directed By Jonathan Glendening
Screenplay By Phillip Barron, Pat Higgins
Cast Robert Englund, Adele Silva, Sarah Douglas, Ali Bastian
Produced By Ciaran Mullaney, Gareth Mullaney, Billy Murray, Simon Phillips, Patricia Rybarczyk, Jonathan Sothcott
Film Editing By Richard Colton
Cinematography By David Meadows
Music By Neil Chaney/Sodajerker

Black & Blue Films


United Kingdom



Release Date

April 27, 2012


93 Minutes

Distributed By

Well Go



  • Robert Englund as Tapper
  • Lysette Anthony as Jilly
  • Barbara Nedeljakova as Raven
  • Billy Murray as Jack Ferris
  • Steven Berkoff as Flett
  • Lucy Pinder as Vampire Bride
  • Sabine Jemeljanova as Vampire
  • Sarah Douglas as Jeanette
  • Alan Ford as Harry
  • Johnny Lynch as Barman
  • Martin Compston as Scott
  • Coralie Rose as Brandi
  • Adele Silva as Justice
  • Martin Kemp as Mickey
  • Ali Bastian as Dani
  • Alex Esmail as Sean
  • Rita Ramnani as Chastity
  • Simon Phillips as Sinclair
  • Marc Baylis as Carlos
  • Dominic Burns as Alex
  • Joe Egan as Barker
  • Charlie Bond as Carrie
  • Nick Nevern as Franklyn
  • Jazz Lintott as Richard
  • Lewis James as Vampire
  • Peter Barrett as Basildon Vampire
  • Ben Ross as Basildon Vampire 2
  • Andy Taylor as Basildon Vampire 3
  • Billy Chainsaw as Mr. Gunnar
  • Dean Williams as Mutt
  • Kieran Cox as Luis
  • Dean Higgins as Takeaway Guy
  • Darren Luckin as Werewolf




Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) Trailer01:40

Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) Trailer

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