Student Bodies
Student Bodies
Directed By Michael Ritchie, Mickey Rose
Written By Mickey Rose
Cast Kristen Riter, Matt Goldsby, Jerry Belson, Mimi Weddell
Produced By Michael Ritchie
Film Editing By Kathryn Ruth Hope
Cinematography By Robert Ebinger
Music By Gene Hobson

United States



Release Date

August 7, 1981


86 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Paramount Pictures

Gross $5,165,432



  • Kristen Riter as Toby Badger
  • Matt Goldsby as Hardy
  • Cullen Chambers as Charles Ray
  • Jerry Belson as The Breather
  • Joe Flood as Mr. Dumpkin
  • Joe Talarowski as Principal Harlow Hebrew Peters
  • Mimi Weddell as Miss Mumsley
  • Dario Jones as Mawamba
  • Carl Jacobs as Dr. Sigmund
  • Peggy Cooper as Ms. Van Dyke
  • Janice E. O'Malley as Nurse Krud
  • Kevin Mannis as Scott
  • Sara Eckhardt as Patti Priswell
  • Kay Ogden as Ms. Leclair
  • Patrick Varnell as Malvert
  • Brian Batytis as Wheels
  • Joan Browning Jacobs as Mrs. Hummers
  • Angela Bressler as Julie
  • Keith Singleton as Charlie



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