Sunset Grill
Sunset Grill
Directed By Kevin Connor
Written By Marcus Wright, Chip Walter, Faruque Ahmed
Cast Peter Weller, Stacy Keach, Alexandra Paul, Lori Singer
Produced By Faruque Ahmed
Film Editing By Barry Peters
Cinematography By Douglas Milsome
Music By Ken Thorne

United States



Release Date

March 3, 1993


103 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New Line Cinema



  • Peter Weller as Ryder Hart
  • Lori Singer as Loren
  • Stacy Keach as Harrison Shelgrove
  • Alexandra Paul as Anita
  • Jonathan Rhys-Davies as Stockton
  • Michael Anderson, Jr. as Jeff Carruthers
  • Randy Pelish as Dr. Tarbus
  • Pete Koch as Christian
  • Michael Medeiros as Mule
  • Richard Coca as Ricardo
  • Michael Fernandes as Ramon
  • Kelly Jo Minter as Joanna Ramirez
  • Daniel Addes as Victor
  • Benito Martinez as Guillermo
  • Woodford Croft as Mr. Pietrowski
  • Sandra Wild as Mrs. Pietrowski



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