The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing
Directed By Roger Kumble
Written By Nancy Pimental
Cast Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Christina Applegate
Produced By Cathy Konrad
Film Editing By Wendy Greene Bricemont, David Rennie
Cinematography By Anthony B. Richmond
Music By Edward Shearmur

United States



Release Date

April 22, 2002


88 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Columbia Pictures

Budget $43,000,000
Gross $68,696,770



  • Cameron Diaz as Christina Walters
  • Christina Applegate as Courtney Rockcliffe
  • Selma Blair as Jane Burns
  • Thomas Jane as Peter Donahue
  • Frank Grillo as Andy
  • Jason Bateman as Roger Donahue
  • Eddie McClintock as Michael
  • Lillian Adams as Aunt Frida
  • James Mangold as Dr. Greg
  • Johnny Messner as Todd
  • Parker Posey as Judy Webb
  • Georgia Engel as Vera
  • Johnathon Schaech as Leather Coat Guy
  • Love Jones as Wedding Band
  • Chelsea Bond as Greta
  • Jennifer Gimenez as Mariangela
  • Siena Goines as Tammy
  • Tria Katz as Lynne
  • John Lehr as Ralph
  • George Maguire as Father Flynn
  • Jill Miller as Gina
  • Jeanne Sakata as Ming
  • Sybil Darrow as Rebecca
  • Branden Williams as Cheeta



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