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TNT Jackson
TNT Jackson 1974
Directed By Cirio H. Santiago
Written By Leonard Hermes, Dick Miller, Ken Metcalfe
Cast Jeannie Bell, Chiquito, Stan Shaw, Pat Anderson
Produced By Cirio H. Santiago
Film Editing By Gervacio Santos, Barbara Pokras
Cinematography By Felipe Sacdalan
Music By Tito Sotto

USA, Philippines


English, Tagalog

Release Date

June 8, 1974 (Philippines), January 17, 1975 (USA)


72 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

New World Pictures

Gross $1,300,000



  • Jeanne Bell as Diana 'T.N.T.' Jackson
  • Chiquito as Dynamite Wong
  • Stan Shaw as Charlie
  • Pat Anderson as Elaine
  • Ken Metcalfe as Sid
  • Imelda Ilanan as Joe's Assistant
  • Max Alvarado
  • Leo Martinez
  • Joonee Gamboa
  • Shirley Washington



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