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{{ Infobox TV
|Title          =
|Image          =
|Aliases        =
|Creator(s)     = 
|Principal Cast = 
|Network        =
|Rating         =
|Runtime        =
|No. of Seasons =
|No. of Episodes=
|Start Date     =
|End Date       =
|Spin-offs      =
|Country        =
|Language       =
++Give a few lines that describe what the show is about.++
==Notable Characters==
++Only list important characters here.
Do not make it an exhaustive list.++
==Plot Summary==
++Summarize major plots points for each season here.++
===Season 1===

==Episode Guide==
===Season 1===
 | title = [[1.1 Episode Title (Series Tite)|Episode Title]]
 | image = [[file:filename.jpg|150px]]
 | episode = 1.01
 | airdate = DD MMM YYYY

==External Links==
++Link to an equivalent page on sites such as IMDb.
See the Style Guide linked under Wiki Tools in the 
navigation bar above for more details.++
  • Copy/paste the block of code above into a new empty page.
  • The "filename.jpg" in the first line of code should be the filename of the image (uploaded to this Wiki) that represents the TV show as a whole e.g. Poster, DVD Cover etc.
  • Add/remove episodes/seasons as required. Click here for more ready-made Episode Guide templates.
  • Make sure you are pasting it into either the Source Tab of the Classic Editor or that you have selected Source Editor from the Newer Visual Editor interface menu.
Visual Editor-Source Editor

Finding the Source Editor in the newer Visual Editor Interface

This will give you a basic TV Show page from which you can start to fill in the blanks. If the page is published without making any changes first it will look something like the image below. The fields for the infobox on the right will automatically appear under General Information, Broadcasts and Production once they have been filled in.

TV Show Page Example-1

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