The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Directed By Joseph Sargent
Written By Peter Stone
Cast Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Hector Elizondo, Tony Roberts
Produced By Edgar J. Scherick
Film Editing By Gerald B. Greenberg, Robert Q. Lovett
Cinematography By Owen Roizman
Music By David Shire

Palladium Productions, Palomar Pictures


United States



Release Date

October 2, 1974


104 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

United Artists



  • Walter Matthau as Lt. Zachary Garber
  • Robert Shaw as Bernard Ryder
  • Martin Balsam as Harold Longman
  • Hector Elizondo as Giuseppe Benvenuto
  • Earl Hindman as George Steever
  • James Broderick as Denny Doyle
  • Dick O'Neill as Frank Correll
  • Lee Wallace as The Mayor
  • Tony Roberts as Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle
  • Doris Roberts as Jessie
  • Jerry Stiller as Lt. Rico Patrone
  • Nathan George as Ptl. James
  • Beatrice Winde as Mrs. Jenkins
  • Rudy Bond as Phil
  • Kenneth McMillan as Borough Commander
  • Julius Harris as Inspector Daniels
  • Timothy Meyers as Plumber
  • Conrad Yama as Mr. Tomashita
  • Tom Pedi as Caz Dolowicz
  • Ruth Attaway as Mayor's Nurse
  • Thomas Barbour as T.A. Chairman
  • Marvin Silbersher as Comptroller
  • Sho Onodera as Mr. Matsumoto
  • Toru Nagai as Mr. Yashimura
  • Tura Nakamura as Mr. Nakabashi
  • Carole Cole as The Secretary
  • Joe Fields as The Salesman
  • Mari Gorman as The Hooker
  • Carolyn Nelson as Coed #1
  • Lucy Saroyan as Coed #2
  • Cynthia Belgrave as The Maid
  • Anna Berger as The Mother
  • Gary Bolling as The Homosexual
  • Alex Colon as The Delivery Boy
  • Maria Landa as The Spanish Woman
  • Louise Larabee as The Alcoholic
  • George Lee Miles as The Pimp
  • William Snickowski as The Hippie



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