Tango & Cash
Tango & Cash
Directed By Andrei Konchalovsky, Albert Magnoli
Written By Randy Feldman
Cast Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Teri Hatcher
Produced By Peter Guber, Jon Peters, Peter MacDonald
Film Editing By Hubert C. de la Bouillerie, Robert A. Ferretti
Cinematography By Donald E. Thorin
Music By Harold Faltermeyer

The Guber-Peters Company


United States



Release Date

December 22, 1989


104 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Budget $55,000,000
Gross $63,408,614


Ray Tango has an affection for highly pressed fancy suits and talks to his stockbroker more than he speaks to his mother. Gabe Cash dresses like a slob and eats like one too. Both men couldn't be any more different and are both highly successful narcotics cops in LA who are constantly grabbing headlines with their high profile drug busts with Tango in the rich and successful neighborhood of Beverly Hills and Cash busting heads in downtown Los Angeles. And cordially detesting the other.

But that all changes when drug lord Yves Perret has had enough of them constantly screwing up his deals and dealers and sets them up, framing them and putting them in prison. But he goes a step too far when he tries to have them murdered in jail because the only thing that these two cops hate more than each other ... is him. And now, they'll have to work together to bring Perret down ... even if it kills them.


  • Sylvester Stallone as Lt. Ray Tango
  • Kurt Russell as Lt. Gabriel Cash
  • Teri Hatcher as Katherine "Kiki" Tango
  • Jack Palance as Yves Perret
  • Brion James as Requin
  • Geoffrey Lewis as Captain Schroeder
  • Eddie Bunker as Captain Holmes
  • James Hong as Quan
  • Marc Alaimo as Lopez
  • Michael J. Pollard as Owen
  • Robert Z'Dar as The Jaw
  • Lewis Arquette as Agent Wyler
  • Roy Brocksmith as Agent Davis
  • Richard Fancy as Nolan
  • Michael Jeter as Skinner
  • Clint Howard as Slinky