Tara Maclay
Tara Maclay - BTVS
General Information

Gender Female
Birthday October 16, 1980
Race Human
TV Show Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Credit Amber Benson


A powerful witch who becomes a close associate of Willow through their shared interest in magic and thus becomes involved in the Scooby Gang. She eventually became romantically involved with Willow, but this was tragically cut short with her untimely death.


Tara's family background is relatively spotty as she preferred not to speak of it. However, it is known that her mother was a powerful witch herself. Her father and brother were extremely fearful of the magical powers that her mother and Tara possessed and they became verbally abusive towards her, leading to her to become shy and repressed. Following the death of her mother, her father proclaimed that her powers were demonic in origin and that she was part-demon due to her mother's heritage. Tara discovered years later that this was simply a hurtful lie that her father used against her.

This abusive environment ultimately led Tara to abandoning her family and entering UC Sunnydale.

Major Plots

Personality and Traits