A Taste of Killing and Romance
A Taste of Killing and Romance
Directed By Veronica Chan
Screenplay By Cheuk Bing
Cast Andy Lau, Anita Yuen, Waise Lee, Christine Ng, Mark Cheng
Produced By Veronica Chan
Film Editing By Lee Kwong Tim
Cinematography By Andy Fan
Music By Mark Lui, Raymond Wong

100th Century International Entertainment


Hong Kong



Release Date

August 5, 1994


93 Minutes

Distributed By

Modern Films and Entertainment Production



  • Andy Lau as Ko Sau
  • Anita Yuen as Yu Fung
  • Christine Ng as Ice
  • Waise Lee as Inspector Tung Fai
  • Mark Cheng as Wong Cheung
  • Henry Fong as Tsui Ka Sing
  • William Tuen as Fung's Victim in Restaurant
  • John Ching as Yu Nam
  • Joe Junior as Catholic Priest
  • Yip Suk Ping as Mrs. Tsui
  • William So as Dino
  • Luisa Maria Leitao as Wai Ma
  • Johnny Tang as Ma Chi Chuen
  • Cho Chung Sing as Gunman in Sunglasses
  • Chik King Man as Girl Dancing with Shao in Pub
  • Danny Poon as Ice's Gigolo
  • Yu Kwok Lok as Kwok Chung
  • Ng Kwok Kin as Lam Kwok Hung
  • Chan Chi Hung as VIP at Lion Dance
  • Edward Corbett as Police Chief
  • Lai Cheung Lung as Murder Victim



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