Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf 1985
Directed By Rod Daniel
Written By Matthew Weisman, Tim Hayes, Jeph Loeb
Cast Michael J. Fox, Lorie Griffin, James Hampton, Jerry Levine
Produced By Mark Levinson
Film Editing By Lois Freeman-Fox
Cinematography By Tim Suhrstedt
Music By Miles Goodman

United States



Release Date

August 23, 1985


92 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

Atlantic Releasing Corporation, MGM

Budget $1,400,000
Gross $80,000,000



  • Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard
  • Lorie Griffin as Pamela Wells
  • James Hampton as Harold Howard
  • Susan Ursitti as Lisa "Boof" Marconi
  • Jerry Levine as Rupert "Stiles" Stilinski
  • Matt Adler as Lewis
  • Kidus Henok as Michael
  • Jim McKrell as Vice Principal Rusty Thorne
  • Mark Arnold as Mick McAllister
  • Jay Tarses as Coach Bobby Finstock
  • Mark Holton as Chubby
  • Clare Peck as Miss Hoyt
  • Gregory Itzin as English Teacher
  • Doris Hess as Science Teacher
  • Scott Paulin as Kirk Lolley
  • Elizabeth Gorcey as Tina
  • Melanie Manos as Gina
  • Doug Savant as Brad
  • Troy Evans as Dragons Coach
  • Richard Brooks as Lemonade
  • Harvey Vernon as Carry-Out Clerk
  • Lynda Wiesmeier as Rhonda



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