There Will Be Blood
There Will Be Blood
Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson
Screenplay By Paul Thomas Anderson
Cast Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Dillon Freasier, Jim Downey
Produced By JoAnne Sellar, Daniel Lupi, Paul Thomas Anderson
Film Editing By Dylan Tichenor
Cinematography By Robert Elswit
Music By Jonny Greenwood

United States



Release Date

December 26, 2007


158 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Paramount Vantage, Miramax Films

Budget $25,000,000
Gross $76,181,545
Based on Oil! by Upton Sinclair



  • Daniel Day Lewis as Daniel Plainview
  • Paul Dano as twins Paul Sunday, Eli Sunday
  • Dillon Freasier as H.W. Plainview (child)
  • Russell Harvard as H.W. Plainview (adult)
  • Kevin J. O'Connor as Henry
  • Ciaran Hinds as Fletcher
  • Sydney McCallister as Mary Sunday
  • Colleen Foy as Older Mary
  • David Willis as Abel Sunday
  • Hans Howes as William Bandy
  • Paul F. Tompkins as Prescott
  • Jim Downey as Al Rose
  • David Warshofsky as H.M. Tilford
  • Jim Meskimen as Signal Hill Married Man
  • Randall Carver as Mr. Bankside
  • Coco Leigh as Mrs. Bankside
  • Tom Doyle as J.J. Carter
  • Frank Madrigal as Mr. Big Hat



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