The Thing from Another World
The Thing from Another World
Directed By Christian Nyby
Screenplay By Howard Hawks, Ben Hecht, Charles Lederer
Cast Margaret Sheridan, James Arness, Kenneth Tobey
Produced By Edward Lasker
Film Editing By Roland Gross
Cinematography By Russell Harlan
Music By Dimitri Tiomkin

Winchester Pictures Corporation


United States



Release Date

April 27, 1951


87 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

RKO Radio Pictures



  • Margaret Sheridan as Nikki Nicholson
  • Kenneth Tobey as Captain Patrick Hendry
  • Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Arthur Carrington
  • Douglas Spencer as Ned 'Scotty' Scott
  • James Young as Lt. Eddie Dykes
  • Dewey Martin as Crew Chief Bob
  • Robert Nichols as Lt. Ken 'Mac' MacPherson
  • William Self as Corporal Barnes
  • Eduard Franz as Dr. Stern
  • Sally Creighton as Mrs. Chapman
  • James Arness as The Thing
  • Paul Frees as Dr. Voorhees
  • John Dierkes as Dr. Chapman
  • George Fenneman as Dr. Redding
  • David McMahon as General Fogerty
  • Everett Glass as Dr. Wilson



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