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The Thompsons
The Thompsons 2012
Directed By The Butcher Brothers
Written By Mitchell Altieri, Cory Knauf
Cast Cory Knauf, Samuel Child, Mackenzie Firgens
Produced By Mitchell Altieri, Phil Flores, Travis Stevens, Snowfort Pictures
Music By KK (Kevin Kerrigan)

Film Harvest, San Francisco Independent Cinema, Snowfort Pictures, Straightwire Films



Release Date

December 31, 2012


82 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

XLrator Media, Anderson Digital, Imagination Worldwide, Lionsgate Home Entertainment



  • Mackenzie Firgens as Darlene Hamilton
  • Cory Knauf as Francis Hamilton
  • Ryan Hartwig as Lenny Hamilton
  • Samuel Child as David Hamilton
  • Elizabeth Henstridge as Riley Stuart
  • Sean Browne as Cole Stuart
  • Tom Holloway as Ian Stuart
  • Joseph McKelheer as Wendell Hamilton
  • Daniel O'Meara as Father Stuart
  • Selina Giles as Mother Stuart
  • Sean Cronin as Cyrus



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