• I've been working on filling out a lot of the blank pages out there and have to admit that while I can add info and data no problem, I'm looking at the pages and finding it well ... a trifle bit dull for want of a better word. 

    I view it as the job of the Admins to try and attract more viewers and interest in our Wiki.  But I'm at a loss at what to do to make it more exciting and more attractive and more interesting.

    So I'm looking for ideas to "jazz" things up.  We already got like Movie Trailers on some pages as well as the Series Intro Videos for various TV series; is there anything that anyone WANTS to see on some pages?  More pictures? More Videos like Tributes to certain characters or funny bits relating to them?  Anything?  Anything at all? 

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    • Sorry for missing this, for some reason I'm not getting notices for new forum topics. I responded to your message.

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    • I haven't thought about this, but honestly, I don't really invest in the aesthetics of the Wikia or in Anime Vice, Screened, Giant Bomb, Comic Vine. When folks join the site for just the wiki editing, I remember most of them said it was to help or try out a new hobby. For the ones who stick with it, they stick with wiki editing for a long time mainly because of camaraderie.

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