• I've been pretty busy at my new job so I haven't been here as much lately.  But I have been editing here and there.  I just got around to adding a new Subcategory to the Vehicles List as "Starships".  I also noticed the huge additions to the Locations List and thinking about maybe trying to refine it as well.  Any suggestions?

    Right off the top of my head; I could add in "Planets" and maybe "Space Stations".  Do you think we should also make a subcategory for "Fictional Locations" like for Gotham City or Storybrooke, Maine?

    Or does anyone have a better suggestion?  I have to say that the "Fictional Locations" seems a bit awkward. 

    Otherwise, I can't really think of anything else to refine the Locations except maybe breaking them down by Continents?  North America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc.?

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    • I would stay away from "Fictional Locations" to avoid future fights over weather Heaven, Hell, or even Asgard are real or fictional.

      So, I would stick with Galaxy, Otherworld, Planet, Continent, Country, City, Space Station, etc to avoid future problems.

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