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A Time to Kill
A Time to Kill
Directed By Joel Schumacher
Screenplay By Akiva Goldsman
Cast Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey
Produced By Arnon Milchan, John Grisham, Michael Nathanson, Hunt Lowry
Film Editing By William Steinkamp
Cinematography By Peter Menzies Jr.
Music By Elliot Goldenthal

Regency Enterprises


United States



Release Date

July 24, 1996


149 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Warner Bros.

Budget $40,000,000
Gross $152,266,007
Based on A Time to Kill by John Grisham



  • Matthew McConaughey as Jake Brigance
  • Sandra Bullock as Ellen Roark
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Carl Lee Hailey
  • Kevin Spacey as Rufus Buckley
  • Brenda Fricker as Ethel Twitty
  • Oliver Platt as Henry Rex Vonner
  • Charles S. Dutton as Ozzie Walls
  • Ashley Judd as Carla Brigance
  • Patrick McGoohan as Judge Omar Noose
  • Kiefer Sutherland as Freddie Lee Cobb
  • Donald Sutherland as Lucien Wilbanks
  • John Diehl as Tim Nunley
  • Doug Hutchison as James Louis "Pete" Willard
  • Nicky Katt as Billy Ray Cobb
  • Chris Cooper as Dwayne Looney
  • Anthony Heald as Dr. Wilbert Rodeheaver
  • Kurtwood Smith as Stump Sisson
  • Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly as Tonya Hailey
  • M. Emmet Walsh as Dr. Willard Tyrell Bass



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