Transylvania 6-5000
Transylvania 6-5000
Directed By Rudy De Luca
Written By Rudy De Luca
Cast Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr., Geena Davis, Jeffrey Jones
Produced By Mace Neufeld, Thomas H. Brodek
Film Editing By Harry Keller
Cinematography By Tomislav Pinter
Music By Lee Holdridge

New World Pictures, Jadran Film


United States, Yugoslavia



Release Date

November 8, 1985


93 Minutes

Rating PG
Distributed By

New World Pictures

Budget $3,000,00
Gross $7,196,872



  • Jeff Goldblum as Jack Harrison
  • Joseph Bologna as Dr. Malavaqua
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Gil Turner
  • Carol Kane as Lupi
  • Jeffrey Jones as Lepescu
  • John Byner as Radu
  • Geena Davis as Odette
  • Michael Richards as Fejos
  • Donald Gibb as Wolfman
  • Norman Fell as Mac Turner
  • Teresa Ganzel as Elizabeth Ellison
  • Rudy De Luca as Lawrence Malbot
  • Inge Appelt as Madame Morovia
  • Bozidar Smiljanic as Insp. Percek
  • Petar Buntic as Hunyadi
  • Dusko Valentic as Twisted Man
  • Ksenia Prohaska as Mummy
  • Sara Grdjan as Laura Ellison
  • Nada Abrus as Uta
  • Visnja Babic as Peasant Girl



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