The Trials of Cate McCall
The Trials of Cate McCall
Directed By Karen Moncrieff
Written By Karen Moncrieff
Cast Kate Beckinsale, Nick Nolte, Clancy Brown, Mark Pellegrino
Produced By Karen Moncrieff, Eric Karten, Marc Bienstock, Peter Schafer
Film Editing By Toby Yates
Cinematography By Antonio Calvache
Music By Peter Nashel

Pitbull Pictures, Sunrise Films


United States



Release Date

November 28, 2013 (Hungary), April 5, 2014 (USA)


89 Minutes

Distributed By




  • Kate Beckinsale as Cate McCall
  • Nick Nolte as Bridges
  • Clancy Brown as Brinkerhoff
  • David Lyons as Josh
  • Mark Pellegrino as Detective Welch
  • James Cromwell as Justice Sumpter
  • Taye Diggs as Austin Moseley
  • Isaiah Washington as Wilson George
  • Dale Dickey as Mrs. Stubbs
  • Kathy Baker as Therapist
  • Brendan Sexton III as Rusty
  • Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Justice Wender
  • Ava Kolker as Augie
  • Jay Thomas as Loncraine
  • Brad Greenquist as Dr. Ennis
  • Sanny van Heteren as Interpreter
  • Cathy Cahlin Ryan as Ms. Timmins
  • Anna Anissimova as Lacey
  • Amanda Aday as Dorrie Booth
  • Nicki Micheaux as Administrator
  • Michael Hyatt as Fern
  • Johnny Sneed as Rucker
  • Carrie Lazar as Interpreter
  • Bethany Brooke Anderson as Hostess
  • Sharon Omi as Justice Tanaka
  • Omar Leyva as Juan Gonzales
  • Amanda Petersen as Jen Snow
  • Lily Knight as Hazel Snow
  • David Paul Francis as Dr. Miranchandi



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