True Women for Sale
True Women for Sale
Directed By Herman Yau
Written By Herman Yau, Yeeshan Yang
Cast Prudence Liew, Sammy Leung, Anthony Wong
Produced By Ng Kin Hung
Film Editing By Azreal Chung
Cinematography By Joe Chan
Music By Brother Hung

China Star Entertainment Group


Hong Kong



Release Date

December 4, 2008


90 Minutes

Distributed By

Mei Ah Entertainment



  • Prudence Liew as Lai Chung-Chung
  • Anthony Wong Chau-sang as Lau Fu-Yi
  • Race Wong as Wong Lin-Fa
  • Sammy Leung as Chi
  • Toby Leung as Elaine
  • Sherming Yiu as Yau Guen
  • Apple Chow as Pink Pink
  • Jessie Meng as Dr. Lee
  • Monie Tung as Sister Kot
  • Fung Hak on as Keung
  • Chi-Kin Kwok as Leung
  • Jackie Ma as Lai Chung
  • Yuka Yu as Kwai
  • Colour as Ying Ying
  • Susan Shaw as Chung's Mother
  • Yumiko Cheng as Ob-Gyn Nurse
  • Louis Cheung as Social Worker
  • Terence Siufay as Jacky



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