Under the Skin
Under the Skin
Directed By Jonathan Glazer
Screenplay By Jonathan Glazer, Walter Campbell
Cast Scarlett Johansson, Lynsey Taylor Mackay, Joe Szula
Produced By Nick Wechsler, James Wilson
Film Editing By Paul Watts
Cinematography By Daniel Landin
Music By Mica Levi

Film4, BFI


United States, United Kingdom



Release Date

August 29, 2013 (Telluride Film Festival), April 4, 2014 (US)


108 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

StudioCanal, A24 Films

Budget $13,300,000



  • Scarlett Johansson as The Female
  • Jeremy McWilliams as The Bad Man
  • Lynsey Taylor Mackay as The Dead Woman
  • Dougie McConnell as Pick-Up Man
  • Kevin McAlinden as First Victim
  • D. Meade as Leering Man
  • Andrew Gorman as Second Victim
  • Joe Szula as Man at Club
  • Krystof Hadek as The Swimmer
  • Roy Armstrong as Father at Beach
  • Alison Chand as Mother at Beach
  • Ben Mills as The Baby
  • Oscar Mills as The Baby
  • Lee Fanning as Motorcyclist #1
  • Paul Brannigan as Andrew
  • Scott Dymond as The Nervous Man
  • Adam Pearson as The Deformed Man
  • May Mewes as Tearoom Waitress
  • Michael Moreland as The Quiet Man
  • Gerry Goodfellow as The Bus Driver
  • Dave Acton as The Logger
  • Jessica Mance as The Alien
  • Jerome Boyle as The Walker
  • Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Shadow Alien
  • Robert J. Goodwin as Tearoom Customer
  • Steve Keys as Motorcyclist #2