Unleashed 2005
Directed By Louis Leterrier
Written By Luc Besson
Cast Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Kerry Condon, Bob Hoskins
Produced By Steven Chasman, Jet Li, Luc Besson
Film Editing By Nicolas Trembasiewicz
Cinematography By Pierre Morel
Music By Massive Attack, Neil Davidge



United States, France, United Kingdom



Release Date

May 13, 2005


102 Minutes

Rating R
Distributed By

Rogue Pictures, Alliance Films

Budget $45,000,000
Gross $50,871,113



  • Jet Li as Danny the Dog
  • Morgan Freeman as Sam
  • Bob Hoskins as Bart
  • Kerry Condon as Victoria
  • Vincent Regan as Raffles
  • Dylan Brown as Lefty
  • Tamer Hassan as Georgie
  • Michael Jenn as Wyeth
  • Jean-Francois Lenogue as Raffles
  • Scott Adkins as Swimming Pool Fighter
  • Santi Sudaros as Swimming Pool Fighter
  • Sedina Balde as Swimming Pool Fighter
  • Valerie Henin as Swimming Pool Fighter
  • Michael Ian Lambert as The Stranger
  • Carole Ann Wilson as Maddy
  • Jaclyn Tze Wey as Danny's Mother
  • Puthirith Chou as Teen Danny
  • Tony Theng as Little Danny
  • Georgina Chapman as Floozy 1
  • Danielle Louise Harley as Floozy 2
  • Andy Beckwith as Righty
  • Michael Webber as Boxing Boss
  • Jeff Rudom as Boxing Giant
  • Laurence Ashley as Shower Woman
  • Alex Lawson as Maddy's Market Fighter
  • Stuart Lawson as Maddy's Market Fighter
  • Audifax Kinga as Maddy's Market Fighter
  • Eric Mondoloni as Maddy's Market Fighter
  • Vanessa Mateo as Maddy's Market Cashier
  • Alain Figlarz as Boss First Fight



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