Welcome to this short review on Batman: Bad Bladd. I'm doing this to promote both To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia and comic book discussions in Anime Vice message board. We have a wiki page on this film. All images are screen capped at To Hollywood Wikia and Beyond Wikia if you like to browse our image gallery.

Before you check out this film, this film is in a series of films. You have to watch Son of Batman and then Batman v. Robin before you tackle Batman: Bad Blood. All these films started out on Damian, the 4th Robin who never appeared in DC animated universe until we had these films. This year, we have a 4th film starring the Teen Titans with Damian in it.

I'm not a comic book reader, so I won't be able to give you details about the original source material. I'll be reviewing only the film based on past DC animated films and TV shows.


When a new criminal force arises in Gotham and Batman is missing, it's up to Nightwing and a new family to save the day as they uncover the mastermind's true purpose and their connection to Batman.

These characters here are the ones I felt are the main focus in the film. I would discuss the good and bad with them since I feel the film is more character driven than story.

What we have here is a lot milestones set by this film. We never had a Batwing or Batwoman outside of comic books until this film if I'm not mistaken. Speaking of Batwoman, we only had one Batgirl appeared outside of comic books. That was Barbara Gordon. As a new comic book person who only seen the animated series and films, this was quite interesting.

What's consider its best strength can be its greatest weakness for the film. As you can see, we have 4 major characters whose stories are fleshed out in this film. It can feel like it's rushed and condensed since you are balancing these guys out. For those who are familiar with NightWing, Batwoman, Batwing, or Heretic, you might have good expectations or mixed. Out of the four, Heretic drew the shortest stick as he was the only the secondary antagonist, only to demonstrate how cruel Talia is. Talia never had a big role outside of comic books except for Batman the animated series and Batman Arkman city, but she was never the central villain.

Aside from the excellent fight choreography and voice acting, the film is generally good and worth checking out. Any new comic book fans who hasn't read comic books wouldn't get lost by starting in these series of films. Oh, it's for young adults and up. Not a children friendly film.

Thank you everyone for reading. Let me know if the review was helpful or not. Still trying to write helpful reviews in the community and trying to promote discussions as well as our wiki pages.

For legal digital stream, you can rent on Amazon Instant Video or buy a physical copy. My snapshots came from Amazon on SD quality, so the video quality can be a bit poor on the computer when taking snapshots due to the Silverlight software issues. 

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